The parent energies of your past are finally clearing self-love, is needed. Unlock the future with your heart. Clear your heart chakra with musical energy. It’s time for a change in pace and slow down a little bit. Blockages are clearing and new understanding of the world and universe is coming through. The gold standard of knowing yourself and healing your weaknesses. Now is the time to meditate to improve upon your strengths connecting to the inner dragon and shifting dimensions and knowing how powerful you truly are. The Aztec energies are in the air around you and the manifestation realism will begin to open so you can find yourself a deeper version. Your connections to the ocean will come known to you as the akashic within the planet connecting to your chakras for a reactivation.

Finding yourself is key at this point in time. Releasing others that you no longer need and transforming yourself into another you. It’s time to speak your mind. Clearing out grey energies is necessary and parent energies will come clear as their intentions will be known and understood. The twilight of your former self has been healed. Some will never truly access their power due to karmic restrictions. But your power is going to enhance itself and help others who have abused their power in a past life. You do this by being friendly and nothing more. You can be their friend if you wish but you are surrounded by individuals with a lot of karma they refuse to heal. They feel they are deep into their shadow but it’s not enough. You help others see what they need to heal, and, in the process, you learn more about yourself. Patience is needed in this time of transition. 

Releasing old energies brings in more feminine vibrations to connect you to Venus and Saturn to bring a balanced energy of love and gratitude. Take a bath and bring in new ideas. Release some people that you love so you can move forward. Passage of time and more understanding of those around you. It’s time to build timelines in your mind and have an idea of where you want to go. What do you want in life? Parting ways from old energies such as a job or close friends to achieve your goals of moving to another location and rebuilding your life for the better. Some hearts must be broken for growth to be accomplished. There will be changes in your occupation that will be unexpected. Your heart is aligning with the angelic energies of the moon and the planet Mercury. Foster your inner fox and feline energies and to realign your frequency. 

Relaxation is necessary if you have had enough. A brush with tension in your life is now over. Open a window and allow the calm to come in. A new energy flux is coming in to shift your reality. Gain trust with others and learn more about yourself. A new idea of understanding is coming into your reality. The rings of Saturn are being healed as a rebirth is occurring in your energy field. Neptune is the new you and a canine energy of enjoyment is coming. The inner bird and inner reptilian energies are clearing so you can move forward as you keep what is needed as your personality and ideas shift to a better tomorrow. The arctic energies are fluxing their energies as you connect to the inner earth and face the dragon of your shadow self. The floor tiles are shifting as you are discovering secrets about yourself. Share what you wish to others and keep the rest of your secrets for yourself. One day you will tell everything to a loving partner. 

Distractions are being healed as your energies settle down you will focus mostly on yourself and bring in more of your power. This is a power card to show you are in the beginning of your awakening. Grounding your energies is very important as rewards are coming. The wellness of everyone around is very important as you discover more about your spirit guides over time. The name of your guides and how they speak. A leadership energy is coming through for you to take charge of the situation in the physical dimension. While doing this your connections in the astral such as the Orion Constellation will come clear of your many connections. Healing the inner cat, you can say and connecting to the butterfly to heal the differences you have with others. The Orion war is here on the planet but being healed because of your presence.


Welcome to the 5th dimension and beyond. You have much to do as for sending your energy to heal the planet. The dragon is a 12th dimensional energy that will keep you calm through your journey. It’s time to materialize into your root chakra. You incarnated into this earth to heal vampire energies. The eye of the dragon is with your energy as you transcend into full manifestation. The earth’s core has been connecting to your astral as you connect to the higher dimensions there have been many complex energies around you. Technically you can heal the blind by being yourself. Your inner guidance enhances the energies of others even if you are in a bad mood. Currently you are healing the old energies of the earth and shifting the Orion and Sirius connection to the earth for a more positive alignment with the universe and the future timelines on this earth plane. 

It’s time to be a friend with your spirit guides. Your higher self needs to hear from you more often and it’s time to call in the guides and give them a name. Old directions are clearing, and nature is calling as you transform into a higher being. Destiny is yours to open new doors as emotions begin to be released and your astrology sign will shift as you change character meaning you no longer will connect with your birth chart. Follow your feelings as your intuition enhances and the physical dimension reaches a level where it feels more foreign than ever before. Your Arcturian energies and Pleiadean dynamic connections will enhance as you understand your galactic characteristics. The astral earth will come clearer, and your mediumship will enhance itself over time. Objects and sounds will never be the same again. 

Welcome to the fifth-dimension energies from the angels to clear your heart chakra and tears may fall in this soul development. Distracting energies are currently being healed. Knowing your abilities will come clear soon as you awaken. Earth might shake and the energies of the wind are longer the same as when you connect to the Orion Constellation and heal your solar plexus. Leaving this earthly space feeling different with your heart chakra stronger than it has ever been before. Travel might be in order just so you can balance your energies. Healing the ego and moving forward into the astral plane where others are afraid to figure themselves out you are no longer scared. The spiritual community plays it safe, but you no longer have to comfort yourself with the usual messages of the day. A deeper aspect of yourself will soon be known as the knowledge will find you soon. 

There are spirit guide energies that need to be healed. Friends need to be released and it’s time for your second awakening. Clarity if coming to understand your surroundings. Father energies are releasing, and a new timeline is upon you. The shadow needs to be healed and there is a religious energy from a past life that needs to be recognized and removed. Your past life connections to Europe and Asia will slowly come to mind as the shadow will release the dragon inside of your energy field. Feelings of being alone will be cleared once you overcome many obstacles of being yourself. Being alone is necessary to ground your energies with the earth and the moon. The reflecting energies of the sun will come to mind as you transcend from the physical to the astral. It’s time to recognize and release government manipulations coming from the multiverse. Healing implants and reversing the negative spells with intention will help you go forward. 

You are medicine to others and mostly to yourself. Releasing heart chakra blockages is happening now. Realize the words you use are powerful. The inner poet will come through as you merge with your spirit guide. Break from the usual is coming. Transfer of wealth is near. This is an abundance card showing you are finally reaching your goals after many years of hard work. You have deep connections to animals with one being the fox and your understanding of the multidimensional realms will come clear such as the ghost dimension. With the passage of time, you will see elemental energies such as waterfalls and falling stars. Your connections with the trees will unravel even speaking to the trees can become a reality. It’s time to clear the insecurities of your abilities and move forward helping others. 

New abundance is coming but watch out for old habits. The new night is upon you. New characteristics are coming into your life. The evening air has an energy to clear out past sacrifice decisions. This is the year of miracles. This is also the year of mystery. As you open your heart chakra connect to the different holidays and see your birthday numbers have a meeting as you add them all up. The number nine has a significant meaning so expect this number to come up in your life over time. At this point of your life, you are untangling your life’s goals and adding meaning to your spiritual gifts and using your gifts to help others. More wisdom than usual will come to mind as your intuition turns to fire as the reality around you is more understood. How it all fits together. Mistakes of the past will be healed, and inner knowing will be of more detail as you better understand yourself and this lifetime. 

Connecting to your magic. It’s been a dense upgrade but now you are finally here to move your energy to the next level to help people and expand your spiritual direction. Shadow work is needed. Surrender nothing and be transparent at this time. The mountain energies surround your field as you clear your energy field and create your own spells. The akashic energies will come clearer to you and your sense of self will clear any distracting energies. Basically, you are balancing more of your energies and manifesting the inner astral realms opening the dreamland of your consciousness. Dimensions are clear so you can have a clearer sense of self and seeing between the lines of reality. The time for change is near. 

Peace is necessary and to heal past mistakes. Regret is everywhere but can be healed if you truly care for yourself. A new spirit guide and new timelines have emerged. Travel is soon to come and romance of a different kind is coming. The shroud of the old you is vanishing. Parent energies will clear and more insight into your childhood will come clear. Neighbor might contact you or you will see an energy to connect with angels or the alien realms. Peace of mind will come as you focus on yourself more and friendships will be better understood. The archangel energies are manifesting in your field to protect you but also your guardian energies have shifted to be more efficient with your timeline. New ground will be covered as you clear your space where you live. 

Tears will fall as you open a new timeline. Because you arrived at the root chakra for your deep healing. Distractions will be healed, and parent energies will be released. A new birth is coming and a past shadow. The twilight of your powers is near. New Pleiadean energy is shifting into your field. Matrimony is in the air and a new partner contract has been created. The old house has been cleared and you deserve a better life. You might see your eyes shift colors and an old friend will contact you soon. Neighbors might get loud, and the astral realm will become clearer as you advance your understanding of your energy friend with Sirius and other neighboring star systems. The canine and the feline alien races are worth looking into as you upgrade your intuitive science. 

Planting seeds of desires and building a golden timeline to change lives. Love is in the air but be cautious of who you spend your time with. It’s time to give more time to yourself. The new Atlantis is awakening within your chakras to end the old version of you. Expressions and financial success are near. Different versions of love will enter your life which could be the affection from an animal. Lemurian energies connecting to the crystals in the oceans notice the peacefulness of love around you. Realizing the mood of the day and the beauty of everyone. Even if you had to live in the city, seeing the enjoyment will come clearly to you. Complex relationships are currently in your energy field, but wisdom of a new partner is on the horizon. 

Your work will pay off but there is much more to be done. Clarity of your finances will come and a new direction with you being in charge is on the incoming timeline. A breath of fresh air and connections to the Orion’s is over. Challenging yourself to shift realities. There’s a marriage energy coming in meaning you will partner and connect your knowledge with someone else in the near future. Healing the shadow is a daily dose. Feeling locked in and not being able to communicate with others or able to travel to other destinations is a problem but it will be cleared over time. Standing still is important in this energy shift as you clear out your closet of the past and relax a bit to discover deeper details of the characteristics of yourself and others. There will be a mood in the never place you visit to relax and there you will discover other people and discover more enjoyment. 

Unrealistic energies are forming and must be cleared, and an old relationship needs to let go. Attachments must go for you to move on. Surrender nothing, the past is soon over. New traditions are coming in and health and wellness. As you shift others will notice it. Inner glow and new ideas of transitioning to this new version of yourself such as a new business or another star constellation will be discovered that will assist you connecting to the astral to move forward beyond this physical dimension. Releasing weakness and being confident connecting with nature connecting to the trees seeing yourself as an elemental energy such as a waterfall and allowing that energy to appear in astral form so you can see deeper into your higher consciousness. Healing the inner hate and combining it with the universe to move worlds and connect to your inner child. Escape from the current reality and it’s time to create a new place and new friends to better reflect within yourself and be with others. Being transparent is key to your growth. 

Expect the unexpected and surrender nothing. There are people around you that are strangers that don’t care about you. Radical thinking and a shift from self will broaden your outlook. New people in your life and the elderly will cross soon. This card is giving notice. Heaven energies are coming to your field as you connect to the angels and understand the angelic realm which you are currently connected to at this very moment. This is a trust card to trust the future as the cat clears your energies. The greyhound canine is with you also as you diversify your energies and become simpler with your connections to spirit. There are yellows, blues and greens in your aura as you shift from the third dimension into a higher form of energy. There is a friend’s energy that is blocking you so it’s best to address this energy before you go forward. Past betrayal will be healed but now is the time to move forward. You might change your name in the future. 

Disaster was in the past; a new awakening is coming. Finances will eventually improve. A new look is coming. A timeline dance is on its way to change your life forever. Twilight of the past is very calming, and the north star is near giving you downloads of your former self. There are divisive energies of which direction to go. The challenge is figuring out which path to choose. As you heal your heart chakra and are no longer fearful of the future and clearing out the ego of rage you can make the right decision. Relationship timeline might not be completely clear but in the passage of time the right energy will connect, and patience will be rewarded. Hard work is everything at this point and overcoming obstacles. You might feel lost this day but the next day the future will become clearer, or you can pull another card. 

The wild side is coming through a breakthrough from the norm. Travel is on its way and self-healing with your spirit guides. You now have several new spirit beings helping old friends from the ancient world. A tender side is coming through. The 5th dimension is getting stronger in your field. Gratitude is needed to move forward. Grounding is a positive energy. There are mother and father energies that have not been fully healed. Open a window or go outside for a short time. It clears your energies with your intentions. If you’re manifested reality isn’t shifting as you planned, be patient and look at your surroundings and see where you are being guided. Three minutes of mediation can clear the shadow blocking your inner voice. The bridge to the next timeline is here. Attractiveness is fine but it’s not everything because those who you are attracted to aren’t always there for your highest good. Healing bitterness is another milestone to move forward and end the drinking binge and quit the drugs if there is any in your field. 

Never surrender your needs. There’s a new stranger coming into your life. You are blocking out old energies and working on your higher self. Spiritual breakthroughs and new attractions. Connections with nature and your spirit team will be combined. Distance from others is now over. There was a timeline split and nothing might not make much sense as you go deeper into your subconscious and be dangerous by just being truthful to yourself. Humanity has trouble taking in anything different but now is the time to express yourself and be indifferent to the narrative. A breath of free air is needed as the timelines connect in the background and your alien connections will one day come clear. The planet Uranus has manifesting energies that can help clear your field as you meditate to the next timeline. There is a waiting period as you shift your field. When major shifts occur, there is a calm before the timeline jump. Some manifesting timelines can change your life forever and that can be at this moment. So be positive and hang in there. 

Never surrender your needs. There’s a new stranger coming into your life. You are blocking out old energies and working on your higher self. Spiritual breakthroughs and new attractions. Connections with nature and your spirit team will be combined. Distance from others is now over. There was a timeline split and nothing might not make much sense as you go deeper into your subconscious and be dangerous by just being truthful to yourself. Humanity has trouble taking in anything different but now is the time to express yourself and be indifferent to the narrative. A breath of free air is needed as the timelines connect in the background and your alien connections will one day come clear. The planet Uranus has manifesting energies that can help clear your field as you meditate to the next timeline. There is a waiting period as you shift your field. When major shifts occur, there is a calm before the timeline jump. Some manifesting timelines can change your life forever and that can be at this moment. So be positive and hang in there. 

Nervous energy is about to be released. Conflict has settled and new doors are opening. Your own Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Uncertain future parents finally moving on. New child on the way. Your personality will continue to advance with this upgrade. There’s a walkway, a direction to go to follow to unlock your inner guidance. There are statues and monuments that can give you guidance also such as a sacred site or an ancient world creation that will bring back past life memories. Alien lifetimes will soon download into your physical memory as the akashic begins to unlock because of your recent achievements. It will take time to get there as you heal those obsessed with your energies and heal a past break up. The passage of time to show you who to trust and who not to continue your relationship with. It’s time to end the war with yourself at this moment in time. 

The old trees are falling apart, and you are moving to the next level of your life. New abundance is coming soon. The winter is your friend as you freeze the past and experience an alien rebirth. The earth’s plane will begin to be nullified and you will see the sixth dimension and beyond in this lifetime. New friends are anticipated. Flying lifetimes will soon be remembered and dream realms will open depending on how you feel about alternative realities. Alien war lifetimes need to be healed in the fourth and fifth dimensions. Remember the moon is an outpost for alien beings so the significance can be deep and why the moon seems to be important to you. The Orion Constellation and the planet Neptune are energies currently in your field which can cause confusion. The planet Neptune is where alien beings go to learn about earth. It’s a school for multidimensional beings and with you in the physical realm you are connected to at least thirty realities so understanding yourself can be difficult. Connect to the country that calls to you such as China or Europe and heal the conflict of those lifetimes and allow the energies of your alien past come clear. 

New realities opening and new characteristics will arise overtime. A new portal of information is coming as you connect to your central astral nerve center which opens your akashic records. Currently you are healing the snake within you. Optimizing with the angles and connecting with your higher self. Natural thought patterns are coming through as you elude the matrix trappings and connect to yourself. Your spiritual wings are being enhanced so you can fly. Let your intuition speak the rest.

Days of being alone are over as you connect to your higher self and embrace your timeline shift to the fifth dimension. There is still much within your shadow that still needs to be cleared. The shadow is calling you so you can embrace your power. Days of thunder have no surrender as you discover your dark place in the world and the earthquakes are connected to your energy. The juggernaut of your thoughts will be understood as you see deeper in who you are, and no one can stop you in this ascension. 

Days of being alone are over as you connect to your higher self and embrace your timeline shift to the fifth dimension. There is still much within your shadow that still needs to be cleared. The shadow is calling you so you can embrace your power. Days of thunder have no surrender as you discover your dark place in the world and the earthquakes are connected to your energy. The juggernaut of your thoughts will be understood as you see deeper in who you are, and no one can stop you in this ascension. 

Your mediumship abilities are increasing and letting others know you are serious about your new journey. Connections are opening with those in the physical as you begin your move to another location. Transition from physical and nonphysical will come clearer as you clear the storm clouds called family. Timelines must be broken as you rediscover yourself and master the astral plane. Fire is necessary in your heel to burn a candle when you have a chance. Your energy is needed in this world, don’t forget that. 

The journey is yours if you desire to take the next step. There seems to be some hesitation to become more popular. It’s time to embrace this change until it’s too late. If you decide to go in another direction the next card pulled will show your fate. The 6th and 7th dimensions are around you and sudden vibration to know yourself more as you transition out of the old you and into a teacher. The astral has its coded imprint on you which means it’s time to move the energies to find the alien within yourself. Angels, aliens, and the beings around you will help you focus on your outer self. 

New relationships are being seeded but also you see yourself in a more enhanced light. the angels are with you are you speak your truth and open new dimensions of yourself untapped talents are coming. So now is the time to coast around and meet new people. Dance if you have to and there is bird watching that will help you find your way. The eight dimension is opening so a new connection is near but also your talents are changing and becoming more complicated for the better. 

Relaxing and embracing your own mirror and seeing what you are reflecting onto others. Healing those who reflect their magic on you and creating a stronger spiritual barrier for you and others. Connecting to tree energies and it’s time to open your connection to Agartha and connect with mother earth. Your connections to the universe will come clear as finances will improve, and new relationship energies will enter your life as soon as you clear self-doubt. The agony of trust needs to be healed for you to go forward. 

Taking hold of a timeline and moving the energies to communicate more and be more positive and see new maturity in yourself. The dark side of life is over as you see a new beginning within yourself. Removing regret and getting a hold of yourself. The white dove is an energy that can help you focus on your abilities and shift consciousness to the outer moon. The universe is in a triangle shape as it shifts reality to help you ascend. There might be some friends who betray your surroundings so check your energy. Some foes from a past life are lingering in your energy field. Not to panic and to understand your ascension plan to remove unneeded individuals from your space.


Don’t look back as new journeys begin. There’s some connection to the past that is necessary to remember but your guides say it’s time to move on. A new look is coming also when you realize you are a different person for the better. Take a walk-in nature and there’s a new footing in relationships and places to go. The darkness of your old self is healing due to past traumas and ending relationships is necessary for soul growth into the tenth dimension. The control from others must end for you to ascend and find a new discovery within your own field of creation. Art is a positive tool to express yourself either through the written word or verbal language. The heart chakra is rising for you to see your friends more clearly. Sacred geometry is another journey to discover to heighten your energy field to the ninth dimension and beyond. This is a female friend card connecting to female energies opening up to physical interaction and more companionship energies in the astral. Your dream world will open up soon. 

The feminine energies are increasing which brings about a lot of responsibility of how to use your power. Inner child is awakening, and the magic of your intuition is increasing. New animal energies coming into your life. Trust is definitely an obstacle to overcome as you are better yourself through these troubling times. The glow of your aura is changing to a purplish blue to bring in the psycho energies. The tidal wave of invention is coming as you will find public speaking in your future and a change in fashion. If you feel pink in your aura that means a change is in the air. Your connections to the North Star will one day be understood. Your throne room of understanding is clear to others as they will begin to see your intentions and understand your interests when in the past, they understood nothing

The inner flame is increasing your Saturn trust energies as you become more responsible for yourself and embracing the feminine. New responsibilities are opening within your soul, understanding your shadow. In between timelines the aliens are nearby. One day the aliens will be clear of their intentions as you go further into the astral plane healing the physical dimension. There are twelve timelines you unlocked to assist with the ascension. The wellness of your health will improve as you understand your own power. Connections to Orion will one day be understood. Those that are scared of spiritual beliefs will find peace within themselves in golden years and you will help them understand the other side. 

Continuing your meditation into life as challenges increase a love embrace will break you from old habits. Magic numbers will appear, especially the number one. It’s time to balance conflict and let the skeletons roam free. The beast within yourself will one day be understood as the shadow will come out so you can be free and love again. The beast master within your own insecurities will be cleared and don’t worry about jail but your anger might seem you are close to jail but that won’t happen. The wildness of your energy is on the hunt for something new and a refresh of ideas and a new generation of love so you might be in love, but someone has entered your friend and they feel the same way as you do. 

Deception is being cleared and you are on the journey that will most inspire you. Your parents’ energy is finally letting go so you can move forward and reinvent and rebuild your life from scratch. You are starting over but the energies are clear to communicate. There are clever aspects of yourself that will be noticed, and new relationships will come and go into your life as you build a new version of yourself. New ventures into media will be in your life and new spirit guides have recently joined your energy. As you understand the cosmos the aliens will become clearer how ancient your soul truly is. Being a lost soul isn’t a crime and when you find yourself a new generation of angels is formed with your soul. You come from a world of giants. 

It’s a quiet time to reflect and make some changes in your life. Health is important and see a doctor if necessary but trust your instincts as your energies shift to a less dense environment. Helping the doubt of the past is never easy. There is an energy of celebrity that causes much doubt for yourself. Attention is never easy, and you are in a crossroads of further healing your high self and the generations of the past. What feminine energies do you feel you need to heal and what questions come to mind understanding your own inner complexity? Questions don’t always have answers; you have many connections to Orion that will go unanswered. It’s time to activate your powers and that time is now. Welcome to the twelfth dimension 

Leadership role and understanding your power, possible public speaking and a constant shift in timelines. Shadow work is being done in the astral as you understand your own inner mysteries. The new earth speaks wonders of you as you connect to your higher power and understand the astral plane. Unlocking hidden talents and bringing in a magic you have never seen before is on this timeline. Wishing for more magic and abilities to transition time and space and become less physical and more understanding of the higher realms. Your higher self needs this incarnation and it’s time to unlock the spells and understand your dedication to the universe and yourself and why you are here. The sands of time will answer everything as Atlantis comes to an understanding as you become less complex and more understanding. 

Inner earth work is being embraced as you change as a person. A leadership energy is coming through but also your understanding of power and its spiritual power as you work with the astral akashic realms. Expand your abilities who do you see in the tenth dimension? Who needs a Ouija board when you can use your own abilities to shift the dimensions and teach the third dimension who you really are? The simple energies of the physical world are complex, and you can see between the lines and see how powerful you truly are. Trust your instincts and don’t let others cloud your mind with nonsense. Your connection to the earth is complex and at times controversial so not everything will be discovered in this lifetime. But then again you might figure it out.

Clearing out dangers and going deeper into your inner awakening. Tears will fall but the soul journey into the afterlife of your past lives will soon be healed. Releasing uncertainty has arrived. Somber quietness is needed as you connect to the sun and the moon. There’s a reflection of sadness that needs to be healed. Energies from the grandparents and energy within your ancestor timeline needs to be cleared for you to go forward. Just a thought in your mind to clear the family past, go as deep as necessary and take the time you need. The mountain frequencies are with you as you heal your ancestry. 

Your life force is stronger than ever. There is some discernment in your spiritual growth not knowing what to trust but now it’s time to trust yourself more than ever before your guides are watching. It’s time to walk beside yourself as you shift into another dimension of yourself and walk inside the moon and sun. The toxic earth is finally clearing up around you but there is still much to do. Take a break from technology to the best of your ability. Take a swim if possible or stand by a lake. The waters help release the toxins in the air as self-love is reabsorbed into your field. It’s fine to be quiet but it’s not necessary to be scared. Your inner triumphs are here to help heal your insecurities. Uncertainty is in the now but your belief in yourself and your power will help you evolve beyond these trying times. 

Parent energies are finally healing as you mature, and a new relationship is coming into your energy field. Embrace your darkness to make you a better person so the light can be seen. The golden compass of your future and past will come clear as you enhance your abilities. Your inner timeline and why you incarnated on this planet will slowly come to mind through a message or a song from a bird. Humanity is still holding on to the past being programmed but you have released it. There are details about yourself that will make clear your connections to Greece and Sacred geometry which is an alien language. You finding this card shows that you spoke with symbols in your past life. Also working with your sacral chakra and connecting to a loving environment that connects to the universe that assists with healing the multiverse. 

Tartarian knowledge is within your ancient soul as you embrace your power connecting to the angels and understanding the challenges of life. Soon the struggles will be over, and a new wisdom will be discovered, and the energies of the oceans will clear out your traumas. Unicorns and elemental energies have been working around you and the blackhole in the timeline has been healed. Communication unlike anything before is about to happen. Connecting to a large audience is possible but also healing your insecurities and moving forward with a move in your timeline. The moon and its complex motivations are clearing so you can have more success in life. The moon is known to hold people back when they are not ready. You are now ready to move forward. 

Troublemaker energies are clearing as you embrace your new self and still there are some struggles to iron out. The tenth dimension is opening its gates for you to see more of the spirit realms so it’s time to be prepared. Modest energies connecting to Sirius and knowing your spirit guides are helpful as you go forward. Triton the Neptune moon clears out the distractions around you as you connect to Polaris the North Star. This shows you are going deeper into the astral realms healing the problems of the day and feeling more balanced than ever before. 

Social adjustment is coming as you take on a new role. the world vanishes as you speak differently and see more of a romantic side of yourself. Helping others see themselves is your talent. Healing the trickers from Neptune and Uranus spirit guides that were obsessed with manipulating the physical realms are now released. The Archon energies are still strong and need to be healed. The complex details of life can be simplified as you go forward with a new version of yourself and a more modest way of looking at the world. Just know your feminine energies are stronger than they ever have been before. The card means you are becoming a stronger feminine energy and a relationship with yourself is coming out of the woodwork. The pressures of life will be simplified soon with less stress once you embrace your internal self-love. 

Your voice will be heard most likely by family members that wish not to hear your truth as you show them a way out of being stubborn. Your leadership abilities are finally showing as you embrace your new family of friends. Your modest way of life will pay off. You might not be the most outspoken, but you care for others in this daily life. It’s time to clear out the spirit guide energies and ask for new guides to help you cleanse your sense of self. The bridge to the new life is coming but also your angels send you a kiss and heal the ego within. There are some phantom ghost energies around, but they will be cleared soon as you understand your place in the universe. Lifetimes as a bird and knowledge of the alien races will come clear. Your connections to the clouds will be understood. Just feel their energies and listen to your heart space. Soon you will feel and hear sounds of joy coming from the earth and the moon as you connect more with your higher self. 

Healing the inner ego is a challenge but necessary soon the world will look completely different. A lot to understand about your abilities and how to use your gifts. This is typically an ego card with energies of glory and gratitude to the universe. Humanity felt your rage in the past and many have not forgotten how you caused chaos into the world. In this lifetime karma is being cleared and yes there is sadness and forgotten joy but one day you will feel happiness. At this point love yourself and ask for angelic assistance and positive energies from the guides. But know this in another lifetime your guides lost faith in you because your ego lost itself. But now you are becoming more aligned with your higher energy. But remember in a past life in your jealous rage many learned from you. Your guide admires your strength, and, in this lifetime, you are sacrificing your time for others. Your angelic wings are being earned. 

There is a rebirth, and a move is coming, and a child is possibly on the way. Parenting energies are stronger than ever. Communication is key and opening your heart will open new emotions and much gratitude. This is also a birth card that can correspond with other cards to open your universe of manifesting and health wellbeing. Healing traumas by wanting to heal and self is possible if you wish it to happen. Self-love is letting go of old grudges with family members and friends that might have caused you mental or physical anguish. It’s time to be transparent on how you look at the world. By being open minded to other points of view. There is some judgment of others you are still struggling with. Corresponding with others as you shift your energy field. It’s time to balance your frustrations to move on to the next timeline. 

The time to go deeper into your shadow casting away those unnecessary thoughts of feeling unworthy. Depression flows through and dries out as you see clouds of joy and golden timelines of self-worth. Good luck is on its way. Matrimony is hinted at but yet not explored. Connecting to the right person is key for your relationship with yourself to widen and deepen within yourself. This card is a sign of future marriage. A split within your timeline to connect with a partner and bring a child into this earthly plane. Your timeline will be split yet again to connect to your child’s energies where you will be learning from them and vice versa. Another aspect of your soul journey is being challenged and expanded through parenting. Opening your point of view and learning through another aspect of yourself. Basically, your children and partners energy are equally combined into one energy to achieve advanced wisdom. No matter what happens in your lives you will always be a combined consciousness in this earthly timeline. 

Time capsule of your past self is coming back to haunt you as a person from your past reemerges. Cast out doubt and connect to your angels to help you through this ordeal into the unknown. Cognitive thinking will shift your energies to a more positive timeline by changing something in your life and renewing your life goals. What was once important to you is now complete and new principles are collected to create this new timeline and to better reflect on the past. Healing old habits is going to be tricky because bitterness needs to be healed. There are more advanced astral energies that have connected to your energy to shift your timeline to a complex executive role with more responsibilities. This can be in your personal or professional life. Just because you have discernment doesn’t always mean you are correct. Sometimes deep knowledge isn’t always needed at a certain point in time. Meaning in the future information ignored or misunderstood will be understood later on in life.


You have avoided difficulties and now they are around you due to karma and self-doubt. Clear out the self-doubt and know you have new spirit guides and angels that will guide you through. It’s time to connect to your future and past self and balance the energies as you upgrade your natural instincts to no longer fall for the difficulties of life. Yes, there will be challenges but the answers will come faster and what brought depression to you in the past is no longer relevant. Now you have another problem and that is having too much knowledge and not understanding what to do with it. The simple life is in the past and now your spiritual direction is to go deeper into the higher consciousness. Spells used on you will fail and a new structure in life will be ignited for you to explore further into your destiny. The past earth will come into focus as the future will look like a stairway into a more innocent world where you no longer fear the future. Essentially this is a future card to let you know to trust the future and all will be rewarded. 

The twilight of the past is healing and the inner work of magic and conversation with your guides has gone well. Your spirit guides have heard your grievance towards their decisions and lack of communication. When you see a sun rise in the physical realm and notice a pyramid appear in your life, pause for a moment and know that was a message from your guides. The numbers 11:11 and 12:12 are significant because the meaning is you achieved a goal in your astral timeline agreement. Think of this world as a stress test for the soul and realize your time here isn’t forever but while you are here you will achieve your soul agreement. The number 333 are also significant because you are overcoming obstacles that your average soul could never achieve. A personal relationship with yourself is so important because you are connecting more with your inner power and clearing major karma that will one day disclose itself. As for why you incarnated on this earth plane. 

Map to the new world healing your destiny. The current relationship you are in has a deep reason. Self-doubt needs to be healed for you to understand why you are with this person. If you want to escape this relationship, it’s time to ask questions and make changes. The akashic connections you have with the earth plane isn’t a simple subject to answer. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Mercury are worlds that merge with your energy and free the blockages of others who try to influence you at home or the workplace. One day in the future your angelic name will be known. It might be a common name, but the details of your angelic incarnation will become known. At this point in time, you are purging the akashic realms for more details to help you in the physical life on this temporary earth plane. The guidance you bring to others is helpful but not always fulfilling for yourself as you are clearing your shadow and one day you will know your spiritual identity. Not just knowledge of you being an angel or a spirit being. But knowledge of your alien lifetimes as a governing leader or galactic space knight helping others throughout the universe. Just know this knowledge will one day be known to you through astral download.

Memories of the past will come to be new employment and new spirit guides will appear out of the blue. Animals are a key to your healing and self-doubt must be healed for new relationships to appear. It’s time to explore new places. This is also a yes to your question if a question was ever asked. There seems to be music in your energy field and listening to the tones. The astral colors reds, blues and greens are significant as they connect together, they turn to gold. So, your path might not make sense, but a golden timeline is where you are headed when it comes to friendships and relationships. The compass of life has been going towards all kinds of directions and nothing has made much sense. But in this time of time, you are establishing a reset and nature has heard your call for a new alignment of timelines and more satisfying friendships are in your path to experience. Nothing is perfect and there might be some judgment there because this is very different. Just know nature is taking its course. 

Healing the heart seems to be impossible as family and friends seem to be so self-obsessed. It’s time to listen to music and unchain your mind from meaningless thoughts that are reflected on you. Sound is the clear way to heal from the distractions of life. Manifesting rest is key because the toxic personalities that have been around must come to an end. A quiet place is necessary to hear your guides and calm from the divorce of energies that have been hovering around your space. Currently there are ghost energies connecting to your field mostly through portals in the closet. This situation is also a disclosure of your abilities and a shift in reality as you go into the next phase of your spiritual development. There is a lot of drama in your space, but this card means you are moving from that toxic energy to find your zone of self-healing. Distractions will happen but also inner happiness will be discovered that wasn’t there before. The seeds of joy have been planted and you deserve to relax from your problems. 

Manifesting key to your success and bridging you to a lighter energy. There are some blockages for success so patience is everything, but self-love can be accomplished right now. Don’t let material possessions stop you from changing your life for the better. There seems to be an individual in your life disturbing your energy field and to clear it is to investigate its origins. Elemental energies such as fairies and elves are coming into your field to assist your transition from this situation into a golden age of your pilgrimage. Distance from others is key to clearing your energy. And once you feel you are balanced, reconnect to those that won’t drain your field. If you have a work situation that is exhausting, realize you are there to heal those frequencies assisting your fellow co-workers. This is not your fight so when you feel it’s time to leave then please do so. There are astral contracts to fulfill in your present time that will come clear over time of what they are about. Expiring contracts with your day job are surfacing at the moment. 

Self-reflection is here at this moment with difficulties showing themselves coming from all angles. Sacred geometry is in your energy field as vortex’s are opening to spirit guides from your childhood that were never communicated with in the past. So, a youthful energy is currently here with you. There are connections to Uranus and the energies of Apollo Constellation / Corvus coming to your field to give you a clearer perspective of your current situation so give it a few days. Self-worth is a challenge to understand. There are several spirit guides being cleared out of your field so you can think clearly. An adjusted simplified frequency is coming into your mind and body so you can see reality without the heaviness of the third dimension. Coming of age is coming into your timeline where the past releases and those causing you friction will finally disconnect. There might be storms of rage and after there will be calmness connecting to your higher self and a move from being misdirected. Enchantment is here for you to have happiness and a wonderful shine of appreciation. 

A new soul contract has been signed with your spirit guides which means a renewal of energy for yourself and those around you. A name for your main guide should come to mind soon. You also have a strong connection to the wolf to give you guidance. So, if you see the wolf in your physical or in your mind’s eye. Many decisions need to be made to shift your timeline which will be accomplished but will take several weeks to accomplish. The Orion Council is an energy that you are healing as you go further into the astral realm and no longer need the teachings of the third dimension. So, this means you are finally leaving a stress contract on this earthly realm. There are Martian timelines that you were born into that are healing at the moment. Basically, very stressful events in your life will eventually come into focus. The forced male dominant energy from your childhood is finally balancing within your chakras. 

A refresh of ideas and tranquility of knowing yourself better than before. Old habits die hard as you refresh your timeline to better yourself in this age of confusion. Boundaries are necessary and the angelic realm will come clear as you focus on manifesting and achieve many goals that were impossible to execute in the past. This card represents longevity, and those goals can take years and even decades to manifest. Not to feel that you are not on track, but the universe has other plans for you that take time to create in this reality of worlds. So, continue on your path to achieve what you feel that is best. Take time for yourself to self-reflect and discover other talents and expand your experience and take chances even if not all of your ideas are successful. Self-love must be addressed for you to succeed. So, fill your life with what you feel it needs for you to succeed. Comfort is fine but don’t get too comfortable because stress is on its way when you open up the timeline for abundance in your personal and professional life.